Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Zak is about to start Kindergarten on Monday. I almost walked out the the parent meeting last night I was so overwhelmed. I'm not ready!! I'm not ready for a kindergartner, I'm not ready to be a homeschooling mom, I'm not ready for this stage of life!! I just couldn't stop looking at Zak's hands today, they are getting so big I had to write about it

Little boy blue

Baby sneezes,
midnight snacks
3 steps forward
and you never looked back

First word, second word can't stop talking
endless running replaced your walking

Those trips to the park
catching my little "slide rocket"
going home with daisies
overflowing each pocket

I sang you to sleep
when you were little
held your hand as you grew
I taught you to speak
taught you dress
taught you to tie your shoe

You stand before me a little man
looking as big as a kindergartner can
so brave, so afraid, so excited and yet

You reach for my hand as we take the next step

(and you know you aren't ready to be a teacher when you can't spell kindergartner)


Joy said...

jacquelyn, can't imagine kindergarten yet. i'm freaked out about pre-school, so i understand a little bit about how you're feeling. they just grow so fast and sometimes i want to freeze them! (other times, i'd like to fast forward, but...) you're a great mom! and you're going to homeschool? kudos to you.

pennymalley said...

your son knows how to tie his shoes already? Then you're ahead of the game. Seriously, I felt the same way you did at that meeting, but Ted and I know this is what's right for our family. So, I will take it day by day, and minute by minute, and encourage you to do the same. See you at school!

Kristen Borland said...

i think i'd be so sad and so scared at the same time. let us know how it goes. i can't imagine homeschooling, but that is our plan too!

Kristen Borland said...

what meeting was it? do you have a homeschooling group?

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