Friday, August 24, 2007

From Eliot to Zak

the moon is our Flashlight
the stars are too
the bathtub's our ocean
the pet store's our zoo

The sunshine all crinkled
at the base of the tree
is the light for our Boat
sailing through a Grass Sea

the piles of Sand
are a lot like snow
but sand angels are too itchy
don't ask me how I know

The best place for lunch
is underneath the table
The best place for forts
-- any place they're stable

The pet store, library
dinning room, store
They won't be as fun without you anymore!


Lara said...

Your poems make me smile. =) What a treasure these will be to your boys when they are old enough to read them themselves and be encourage by them.

Lara said...

"encouraged" not "encourage"...whoops!

Kristen Borland said...

love it!

Joy said...

what a sweet poem and picture. i really enjoy your poetry.

Brianna Heldt said...

so how was his first day of kindergarten???

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