Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Day of K-school

Zak just loved his first day of school which was a secret relief to me. Before school even officially started he was best friends with a boy that ended up living two blocks from us! They both wore brown shirts and had the same spiderman lunchbox.

The first day of homeschool went o.k. I guess I'm going to have to reorganize my priorities and put myself further down the list. I am used to having the mornings be my time to clean, do laundry (watch Rachael Ray on T.V. - ocassionally) while the kids have "room time". They are pretty good about getting along with each other in the mornings so I've gotten a lot done. As it turns out, Zak's best learning time is in the morning, not during Eliot and Eliannah's nap time (DARN!). Oh well, I'll figure something out. ..

I'm always amazed at how self-centered I am and how much I expect to be treated like some sort of princess. Like I deserve an easy life and the kids should just raise themselves without much help.

I think I pushed the wrong button when I ordered them online, I meant to get the polite, calm quiet self-policing model but ended up with 2 rowdy boys and a tomboy that can hold her own. I wonder if the factory will take a return without a reciept? We just finished paying off Eliannah this spring so I think I can find a proof of purchase. Wow, I must be more tired than I think .... I'm just rambling away and all anyone wants is to hear about Zak, see some pictures and move on.

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Lara said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way sometimes. =)

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