Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been hit!

Last night I was catching up on my reading for 2:42 in "Disciplines of Grace". In one of the points Jerry Bridges was trying to make he threw out a reminder that we have been commanded to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart". Of course this is something I've heard since childhood, read hundreds of times and heard countless sermons about but last night it really struck me.

I'm not sure that I do actually "love" God. I try to obey Him, I try to live like I know He wants me to live, I'm greatful to Him for all that He has done ... but as far as love ... I don't know if in my heart of hearts I actually feel love.

I guess there is a difference between knowing that you are saved, trying to "walk by the Spirit" and "put to death sinful desires" but what does it look like to love? I prayed about it last night and read through I John (especially chapter 3) and was amazed as if for the first time at God's great love for us and our need to abide in him.

"Children of God" is a phrase I've heard all my life but I guess I never realized how far God had to reach to adopt me out of my culture and heritage of sin. I think these are things that adoptive parents understand much better than I do, especially if they had to travel to a third world country to adopt their children. I never thought of adoption as being one of those spiritual pictures that we see so often in the bible (like the shepherd, father, husband/wife pictures) but there it is, not only in I john but in so many other places (I'm too lazy to look up a ton of references besides Romans 8:23 and Eph 1:5). Thank you Heldt family for being such a great picture of grace, love and mercy.

Thank you Lord for continuing to teach me, perfect me and bless me with your word. Please teach me to love you!


Kate said...

Isn't that a wonderful reality! By the way, I think you mean Jerry Bridges, right?

Jacquelyn said...

Yeah, I mean Jerry Bridges ... I fixed it in my post. Thanks.

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