Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My heart is breaking right now for Michelle and Deborah who have been comming to visit me for the past 7 months. They are JW missionaries that I have been "gently disagreeing" with on almost every topic possibly. About 2 months ago I decided to try and read through Romans with them to compare our Bibles and discuss the differences. It was good to be able to agree on some things together and it was good to deepen our relationship and build a tentative friendship with them. I know they enjoyed the tea and cookies I served them every week but ...

This week I was extra bold, I felt the need to convince them that Jesus Christ is God. We had been through Phillipians 2, Hebrews 1, John 1 and many other passages. Today we looked at O.T. passages about God that were applied to Jesus in the N.T., somehow there was always a reason why these passages didn't count. Somehow despite my best efforts I was no more than a thunderstorm hurling raindrops on their windshield only to be swept away by their windshield wipers.

I can tell I offended them, I can tell that Michelle (who is excellent about keeping her cool) was very upset, but was most upsetting is that I didn't say all that I could have and I don't think I said anything that made a difference. I have prayed for them, I have studied the word, I have asked advice and everyone I have talked to has told me that it is a waste of time.

A waste of time to share the gospel with the lost? I know that I have learned a lot, I know that I have been challenged in my faith and grown in so many ways. I know that God has given me more of a heart for the lost and I am convinced that Salvation is of God alone and that I can only hope to be used by God to that end and not expect that my best efforts will change anyone.

Today, just as they were leaving the question came up about whether or not they should continue their visits (I brought it up.) I asked them to come back next week but I don't know what to say to them. I know that Zak listens in to our conversations and that concerns me. I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere though but I can't imagine giving up. Any advice?


Missy Grant said...

Don't give up. Don't stop trying to meet with them. You have no idea what is going on in the heavenlies over this. I'm sure they were offended. God's word is offensive to those who don't know him and claim him as Lord.

You are not a failure in this. You shed His light through His word. They have to make the choice to follow Him or not. I find it very encouraging they have been meeting with you at all.

JW's are a very challenging group to minister to. They are lost just like any other group which doesn't claim Jesus as their Lord, believe He is God's son,died for our sins, rose from the grave, sits at the right hand of God.

Keep praying for them. They are stirred up. That is a good thing. God always goes before you, Jacquelyn.

Some thoughts regarding Zak in all of this. I think it is good for the littles to see mom and dad living the Gospel. Just make sure you have a couple of people praying over you while you are meeting with them. The spiritual warfare is fierce. I'm sure you do, but make sure you ask questions of Zak after each visit so that he isn't confused by their confusion.

Praying for you.....Trust the Lord in this. The hound of heaven is after them.


Anonymous said...

Missy has a much better way with words (see? that sentence doesn't even make sense!), but I want to encourage you as well. It was great talking with you for those few moments tonight- and after reading this, I must say you are a brave soul! You go, girl! Just remember that we are called to evangelize, to plant the seeds- it's God who causes those seeds to grow, in His time. Yes, the Gospel is offensive, yes, it can change friendships, but wouldn't it be amazing to see these gals in Heaven because you never gave up on them?? I'll be praying for you and your kids as you forge this relationship.

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