Monday, June 25, 2007

Funny Dream

My husband laughed at me today when I told him about my dream last night. I dreamt that I went to a grocery store, bought everything I wanted (no budget!) and had the greatest coupons for everything. I'm such a nerd!! I decided after 4 years of faithfully cutting coupons, organizing them and using the grocerygame program (it matches sales with double coupons so you end up saving over 50% on your groceries) it was time to stop making the trip to SLO each week and try to save money at my local grocery stores. Any penny pinchers out there? What do you do to save money on groceries? What is a normal food budget per week? My boys eat so much at age 5 and 3 that when I think I'm making a double recipe of something it ends up being enough for our dinner and possible enough to send with Phillip for lunch. And they just keep growing ....


lindsey said...

i used to do the grocery game too. but when i factored in that i had to order a different newspaper (sf times, i think)to get the good coupons, and the fact that i generally bought things that i usually wouldn't eat, i decided it wasn't worth it. i "saved" a ton, especially when you look at the receipt and saw the savings with the double coupons and all. but now i just look for coupons on what i always use. and i still haven't figured out a good budget for food - so hard to do!

Brianna Heldt said...

becky does the grocery game and is quite the pro at it. we try to shop at food maxx (like food 4 less) which is much cheaper, although if i have all the kids with me without kevin, we go to albertsons as it's just too hard bagging your own groceries wearing a baby!

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