Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fat free Christian

Hey there Christian
I see you once a week
your Sunday school solution
Like a New Year's resolution

You're a one arm push-up
sometimes up, but mostly down
your're on some kind of treadmill
but you aren't gaining any ground

you're looking left,you're looking right
at others on their staitionary bike
push those pedals- win that race
spend and hour in one place

the race to win should point to heaven
but you're maxed out at level 7

Who is winning, you're all still abreast
an hour of exercise, a week of rest
Is anyone really trying their best?

Sounds pretty harsh
I do it too
I've got my spiritual gut - like you
I'm milk fed, log eyed - forget the meat
scripture reading's like a vegetable treat.

30 pounds in 30 days
I'm beefing up in spiritual ways
Is this zeal just another diet craze?

Sorry for the harsh poetry all the sudden, I guess I'm just fed up with my own excuses and am trying to kick my self in the butt (it's very hard to do ... good thing I'm flexible ;)

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