Thursday, November 14, 2013

My very own top 10 list

I've been noticing a lot of listing in bloggerland.  Everything is a top 10, 20 or a "How to" article.  Since I'm not really the voice of authority on anything my top 10 list is a list of don'ts in honor of my son's 10th birthday party.

10 reasons why you shouldn't party plan after 10pm

1.) You come very close to miss-wording the evite to the army themed party

"We're going commando for Eliot's birthday party!  Come join us for a scavenger hunt and pizza ..."

I re-worded it.

2.) You consider planning a craft.

3.) You consider the fact that handing out prizes after the scavenger hunt would be a great way to get rid of all those smarties (for the winners) and dum dums (for the losers) left over from Halloween

4.) You set the menu: Pizza, Cake and Ice cream, knowing full well that over half of the guests can't have gluten or dairy, or both

5.) You forget that with daylight savings in affect, there will only be 1 hour of daylight for the party and the rest of the party will have to take place indoors.

6.) You suggest "The Bucketeers" as a part of the indoor entertainment  (Eliot wasn't too keen on this idea, whew!)

7.) You remind yourself that you will most likely have to bake 3 different cakes and start to consider this

or worse ... this

8.) You accidentally invite the wrong sibling in a family.

9.) You forget to invite the child's Father (it's been a long week people)

10.) You run out of ideas and decided "everything will work out" and "I can just wing it"

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