Wednesday, May 9, 2012

o.k. here's how I save money on food (but read the other post first)

I know.  After that last post you just hate me.  Of course I had to share my philosophy before I shared what our eating climate looks like in real life.

I have 5 children and a teenage niece in my house which means that on most nights I need to plan on feeding 20 people or so.  That combined with other financial constraints means I try to make the most out of every food $ I have.

After we started eating gluten free 2 years ago we slowly gave up almost all processed foods.  This month we gave up on commercial peanut butter spread (check the label on your PB, if it says peanut spread it has too many additives to be considered peanut butter.) The only things left in my pantry are ingredients and pasta sauce in glass jars.  And some healthy GF crackers.  And some healthy cereal.  (and some cheetos) But that's it guys.  (and some pre-made indian sauces) O.k. we're still working on it.

So what do we eat?  Where do we shop? How do we save money?

Here are the ways I try to save money
1.) Don't ever let anything spoil.  Buy food on sale that you can't use before it spoils doesn't save you money.  You can't buy a weeks worth of food at a time if you want to eat fresh meat and veggies. (If you disagree with me PLEASE tell me how you do it!!)

2.) Menu plan.  Do it.  It doesn't work if you don't have all the ingredients you need for those stellar recipes you get off the internet.  Menu plan and shop on the same day or it all falls apart and you eat a lot of rice and beans and cheese for a coupla days until you have a chance to go to the store by yourself because you simply CANNOT shop with all 5 kids and remember to get everything on your list.

3.) Keep a list of staples on you pantry door.  Check them before making your shopping list.

4.) Shop the fronts and backs of the grocery store adds.  Shop the perimeter of the store.

5.) Costco = Buying in bulk from quality sources. 

6.) = Buying in bulk from questionable sources, do your homework and use that free shipping.  If I can't get it from Costco I get it delivered.

7.) Organic farm box for $15, yes please! we buy at Rutiz farm and this Friday we are getting our first taste of completely grass fed ground beef there as well.

8.) Don't feel guilty when you break all the rules.  I have a good-better-best mentality.  We try to eat good, we could do better but we're doing our best.  Veggies are good, organic is better, local organic is best.  Whatever you can manage on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to feed nourish your family is better than giving into the convenience of cracking open a can (in our case many many many cans) of chili.  That stuff looks like dog food to me.

  And just so you know, because I'm feeling super sanctimonious and guilty right now I have to say - I bought and fed my children Mac and Cheese on Monday in a moment of weakness.  Neon orange food from a box. It looked disgusting.

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Kate said...

its so funny that you said "giving into the convience of cracking open a can of chili. that stuff looks like dog food to me." cause i just broke down and bought 2 cans yesterday at the grocery store. we've been eating sooooo many local organic veggies and fruit and healthy food for so long that i've been craving a bite of just some "junk"!!! so on my way toward the checkout counter i passed canned chili for 99 cents and totally caved!! (i should never go shopping while i'm hungry!!) that stuff reminds me of my childhood and baseball nights with chili, hot dogs, and fritos for dinner! sometimes nasty food just sounds good! (like the cheetos in your pantry!) :)

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