Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's day

Funny story about this picture.  It was supposed to be a picture of JUST the kids but Isaac wasn't going to sit still for anyone so I had to slap on some lipgloss and hope that no one noticed that I don't really color coordinate with the kiddoes.  Oh well.  As it turns out it makes a perfect mother's day photo.

And speaking of mothers day

You know you are the mother of an infant when you dream of cereal all night and wake up smelling like milk.

You know you are are mother of more than 2 when you can't keep anyone's name straight.  "Come here Za, uh, Eli, uh , Is , uh, you'de better get right over here ... YOU."

You know you are the mother of more than 3 when you finally decide sleeping in your clothes is an efficient way of using your time and the easiest way of getting ready in the morning.

You know you are the mother of more than 4 when you constantly count your children .. just to make sure they are all there.

You know you are the mother of 5 when you have to ask yourself "Did I eat lunch, wait, did I even eat breakfast?" and "When was the last time I took a shower?" and "How many days have I worn these jeans anyway"

You know you are the mother of 6 when ... wait ... NOT GOING TO GO THERE!!!

And finally you know that you are a mom when you spend all evening gazing at the little cutie sleeping in your arms and nothing could tear your attention away.

So raise a cup of luke-warm re-heated 3 times (sadly) decaf coffee and let's toast to motherhood.  The world's most wonderful, noble, amazing, and beautiful profession.

(Did someone say toast?)

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Joanie said...

So sweet and true. I love it!

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