Thursday, April 29, 2010

Status Report

Isaac turned one a couple of weeks ago.  Here are a list of his accomplishments

He can say:
"Num Num" (food)
Mommy and Mama
Daddy and  Dada
Za (Zak)
Uh Oh
No No
A Da (all done)

His favorite thing to do is race up the stairs any time we have forgotten to put up the gate.  He is very very quick.  Everytime he gets up the stairs he has a choice of three doors to go through.  Without fail he chooses the door to the kids room and goes straight for the toy cabinet.  It is so cute!

He also loves to empty boxes and sit in them. He REALLY loves to sit in the dishwasher but that's a "No no".  I don't think he believes us on that one since we always smile and giggle when he gets in there.

He loves swimming too.  As soon as we get to the pool he crawls right over to the edge, turns around and starts climbing onto the first step.

He has progressed from being the perfect baby into being the perfect 1 year old.  He has 12 teeth (4 of them molars) and never drooled!  He hates drool.  If I am feeding him and he feels food on his chin he wipes it off with his hand.

His only bad habit is that of sneaking into the bathroom and splashing in the toilet.  It makes me want to barf when I think about it.  We do our best to keep that door shut.

I just love the picture on the Left.  It really shows what goes on in our house.  Isaac is the center of attention and we all just love him to pieces.  (Also he just started giving hugs, I just can't stand it.  He is too cute!)


joy said...

so cute! can't beleive he is one already.

Joan said...

Most definitely a keeper!!! How could anyone have anticipated he would be so very sweet?????

Mama Mote said...

Very cute and sweet! hugs

Christine said...

What a beautiful family you have!

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