Friday, March 5, 2010

Nature Hikes

Lately our family has been trying to go on at least one nature hike a week, usually on Saturdays.  I have a book that helps identify local flowers and another book that helps us find local hikes.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Pirates Cove.  Yes.  I know it is a nude beach but it is the most beautiful hike I've been on and we figured that winter was the time to go.  (At least the guy in "khaki shorts" was laying on his tummy and Phillip was the only one that saw him.)

next hike I will be on the look out for wildflowers to identify.  All I can remember from this hike was : poison oak, marsh grass (on the top of the hill, I only remember it because I was so surprised to see it there) and perennial mustard - which is everywhere this time of year.


Ken and Hannah said...

Ha ha Jacque - that's so funny! We had "khaki shorts" incident too one time. That looks like a beautiful hike! We have been taking lots of hikes in recent years as well. I think it's such a wonderful family activity!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?! A nude guy this time of year?? He's got some...nerve.

I'd love to tag along one week- what book tells you the trails?

Kate said...

oooh how fun! we might just have to copy this tradition. what a great idea!

Jacquelyn said...

Anyone is welcome to join us. I think I'll try to post the upcoming hike on Fridays.

Heather Pelczar said...

We have a "khaki shorts" or a "Khaki body suit" experience each time we go to any beach here. It is so funny. And they are all old enough to be grandma or young enough to be in elementary school. so different. It is really funny when they get all excited to say hi to the kids and our kids all run the other way- even at two. HAHAHAHA

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