Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking at the backs of our heads.

"And the mother's beauty is a ministering motherhood, and in the old woman there is a great remembering." Rainer Maria Rilke

I was really blessed the other day by an old (and I mean OLD) women from church.  She said that she sits a few rows behind us on Sundays and loves watching our family.  I guess she sees all the hugs, pats on the head, whispers and snuggles.  We kind of enjoy the time with the boys and usually permit them to draw pictures but Zak has to fill in the blanks of the sermon outline in his bulitin in between drawing the latest installment  of "Diaper Boy" ( Isaac as a super hero).  Sure they wiggle and we often have to shush them.  Eliot still doesn't quite know how to whisper quietly.  Sometimes, even though we took them right before the service, we have to take them to the bathroom again but to an old observer, it's all a blessing.  I guess in the messyiness that is parenting I forget that children are a blessing to more than just me and Phillip.  I guess I forget that the Bible often speaks of the gospel in the context of families and that trying, failing, forgiving and loving are all a part of living that gospel.  I guess I forget that love is always a blessing, even accidentally, even to an observer three rows right behind my back.


joy said...

so true! isn't that nice to know? sometimes I feel like it's such a disruption to have the kids in church so that's a wonderful reminder.

Mama Mote said...

As I look at all the wiggling little people, I just smile and am reminded, too, that they are hearing the Word of God. Whether they hear it consciously or not, it's getting into their little heads. I figure if people are distracted, they can move or maybe try and focus on the speaker rather than let themselves be bothered. I miss seeing you and your family and other families. But at our new church, I'm finding some more families to enjoy. love and hugs

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