Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A week ... without

I am gripped by inspiration!! I came across a blog recently where the author was going to go a whole week without processed food. My family doesn't eat much processed food simply because in a family of 6 it doesn't make much sense (we would have to buy 4 boxes, cans, jars, etc. of whatever to feed this hungry crew ...) but one thing I have refused to give up is store-bread.

Ever since I got married and realized what actually goes into running a household my respect for my mother's cooking has gone through the roof. She made pickles and jam (I didn't know you could buy jam at the store), we canned fruit and veggies to eat in the winter, we grew food in our garden, made our own granola etc. I was taken aback when I first went to the store to buy food and found all these little packages of things that were already fixed!! how nice!

As it turns out - not so nice. Everything has HFCS in it and not only do I hate the taste of HFCS, it makes me hungrier. Everything also has a ton of salt and if I can't pronounce more than three ingredients on the list I won't buy it so now I'm almost back to making everything -- except bread.

My mom has always made her own whole wheat bread (did I mention she grinds the wheat - talk about from scratch!!) but once I was introduced to whole wheat store bread I've always liked it better. Not only that I seem to have a knack for killing yeast. I can't even make decent bread with a bread machine!! But tomorrow I'm going to try again. Tomorrow starts my week without store bread. Hopefully I can manage to make yummy, appetizing bread. (Unlike this bread)


Jeannett Gibson said...

i have a bread machine and for a while i made my own bread (although i didn't grind my own wheat!) was yummy and pretty easy...and then i had kids. sigh. it's actually not that hard, you just have to incorporate it into your routine and make it just part of what you DO regularly you know? i was actually just telling andy that i want to start doing it again once things calm down a little bit around here (does that ever happen???). Good luck!

Jeannett Gibson said...

oh, and as a side note, i found that i like using the bread machine for making the dough and then i baked it in the oven...i hated the small little loaves...i felt like they were too dense. just a suggestion.

Jacquelyn said...

I've never just cooked the dough from the bread machine in the oven. Maybe that's my problem. In any case I just got a book my mom recommended to me called "Artizan bread in 5 min. a day" I'm pretty excited about it and actually read the whole introduction and explanation before looking at the recipes. I think this thing could work!

Joan said...

For the record--we were NOT hippies!

Carolyn said...

I just yesterday finished a 10 day "cleanse" where I did not consume any flour, sugar, dairy or any sort of processed food. Everything i ate was in it's original form, so to speak. I made my own salad dressing & discovered that I now prefer it over the store bought stuff which is often filled with sweeteners & like you said, ingredients you can't pronounce. The first few days were hard, as I really missed my bread & other daily snacks, but after awhile I started to feel GREAT and really feel I won't ever go back to my old eating habits again. Yay for clean eating!

Berji's domain said...

We don't eat just sandwich bread that often, but when we do, this is my new favorite recipe. It is VERY hearty (it filled Nathan up with two sandwiches, if you can believe that!)
Give it a try, I have yet to mess it up :)

Phillip Moses said...

Nobody commented on the last link in your post?!

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