Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mommy and Daddy time

So my fan club has been asking me if I dropped off the face of the blogosphere (thanks mom). No, just been up to my eyeballs in all things baby. You know it's time to use your brain for something else when you notice a 6 email string to your husband titled "Why is the word 'potty' funny?" (best use of the word is as a synonym for 'crazy'). This weekend Phillip and I left the kids at Grandma's house and went to the Resolved Conference at the Palm Springs Convention Center with speakers Rick Holland, John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, Steve Lawson and John MacArther.

It was amazing to sit and learn and get recentered. Phillip and I both have felt a little overwhelmed recently and it was great to realize that we are sitting atop the Sovereign hand of God. My favorite message was by John Macarther about the role of a shepherd. I know that he was talking about pastors but parents have to be shepherds too and I was way convicted about being more purposefull with my kids (more to come on that point hopefully).

Really I'm not just bragging about this wonderful conference, I found out that all the conference sessions are available. Some are for purchase, some are free. Check them out!

Oh, and how did Grandma do with the three grandchildren plus two other friends? She is amazing!!! She kept them entertained, fed, and happy. Eliannah was in heaven with a little girl friend her age to play with. They lived in a world of princesses, mermaids, baby dolls and dress ups to their hearts content (and of course every princess needs a crown braid!)

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Kate said...

glad youre back! miss you a lot.

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