Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Piety and Poetry

A Vacant Valhalla
Paradise lays dormant
inside the soul of man
he feels the need to know it
but isn't sure he can

The questions in his hardened heart
build into a squall
But he assumes his faith in naught
better than faith in All

Eden locked
it's garden in chain
inquiry muted
agnostic remains.

For a long time now I've been inching my way through "
Reasons for God" by Tim Keller. (If you've ever read Mere Christianity I think Reasons for God is the next step.)  I bought it as a Christmas present for Phillip but have already filled the first few chapters with so much highlighting and notes that he'll almost be getting two books in one! (not that my notes will enhance the book any ...) The first chapter deals with the faith assumptions of those that say  "religion is irrelevant" or "religion causes more harm than good" and  points out that every one's worldview is based on some key suppositions many people won't even question.  "Interesting!" I thought, "now how to capture this idea in a poem?" (see above for the result)

And speaking of poems .. for me, a poem usually begins with a good title or a short phrase that I can't get out of my head.  Sometimes the right two words together are so poetic I can't leave them alone so, in honor of Poetry month I would love to read your poems, poem ideas or "fragrant phrases" that are beautiful to you.  I promise I won't steal your ideas but I love fresh inspiration!

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Joanie said...

Ooh, Jacquelyn, I love how your blog makes me think!

I'm checking it regularly and keeping you in thought and prayer for the big day ahead.

Do you still need a bjorn?

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