Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pregnant women - unite!!

First pregnancy
craved only hot dogs - never ate one
Second pregnancy
donuts and double cheeseburgers - indulged frequently
Third pregnancy
junk food, didn't eat too much
Fourth pregnancy
stuffed jalapenos
patent leather pointy toed yellow stilettos (not to eat)

Who says we have to stick to crazy food?  I'm upgrading to a more multi faceted approach to self-indulgence.  It will make things more fun!  Anybody with me?


Berji's domain said...

its a good thing you pointed out [;)] that you're not going to eat your shoes... I think they have real issues with that!
Man, I only craved lamb (indulged once)and broccoli(indulged often)- how boring is that?
I think I have weirder cravings now!
Its good to have a well-rounded [;)]approach to pregnancy and cravings.

Priscilla said...

speaking of eating darling husband observed early in our marriage (we just celebrated 40 years!) that I'd better be wearing my mint shoes so it tastes good when I put my foot in my mouth!!! Hmmmmmmm, what a yummy minty mouth I have :)

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Pregnancy one: Sweet tarts, pastrami sandwiches.

Pregnancy two: Chili dogs and Baskin Robins Maui Brownie Madness. (not together)

Pregnancy three: Chili dogs at first but all other cravings curtailed by gestational diabetes. Had to stick to the diet, couldn't even think about cravings.

Sorry. I can't unite anymore with the gestating crowd, but I sure do cheer you all on. You go girls!

joy said...

sounds like a good idea. if i were prego, i'd be with you.

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