Sunday, January 4, 2009

next stop Valentines Day!

This little article caught my eye today. Don't know how to feel about it since it is such a small percentage of couples tested. I totally believe that selfless marriages are happier and last longer. The funny thing is that Phillip and I have been scouring the Internet for good love duets and haven't found many. Why are all the good love songs solos? That doesn't make sense! Most of what we have found is either cheesy or musically uninteresting or way overdone. What are your favorite love songs and why?

This is my favorite right now (and yes I know he also sings it with Sarah Brightman but I like it better when he sings it by himself)


Joan said...

I think you and Phillip, along with an orchestra and choral backup, could do a lovely job of this song for Valentine's Day. Please post the video!

Mama Mote said...

I am so amazed when I hear about divorces early in marriages and then when marriages end even after 25 years. People I thought would be together forever have divorced or are in the midst now. We will be celebrating 30 years the end of the month. I'm amazed it's been that many years since we said "I do". WOW! Favorite love song? Hmmmm. Dan liked BJ Thomas's "Hooked on a Feeling." I can't even think "duet" songs.

I like DCTalk and my daughter used Godsend as one of her songs for her wedding slideshow (well, it's not a solo, but not exactly a duet either):

Hoping, praying, I've been waiting
Everybody needs somebody to love
There's no question, straight from heaven
You're my angel, I'm so crazy for you.

You're a Godsend
A blessing from above
You've been God-sent to me
You're the Godsend
Ive been dreaming of
You're a Godsend.

Holding your hand, touching your face
I will love you now and always I swear
I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds collided and I found my best friend.

(repeat chorus)

I was made for you, you were made for me
In this lonely world, we were meant to be in love.

I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds, they crashed in
And I found my best friend.

(repeat chorus)

And I like Unforgettable by Nat & Natalie.

Jacquelyn said...

Oh, and just to set the record straight we aren't *necessarily* looking for songs for any special reason.

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