Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful 3

Thankful 3:

1. A fun classroom party where I'm still getting to know other parents
2. Getting to try out my new colonial cookbook: Corn chowder and Sweet Potato biscuits -- yum!
3. Getting to drive down to Palm Springs to spend time with the Phillip's people.


Christy said...

MMMMM corn chowder and sweet potato biscuits! those sound good! please post how they turn out!!!

Jacquelyn said...

Chowder turned out Great! I kept getting asked for the recipe. I think the heavy cream and white wine made all the difference. The Sweet Potatoe biscuits were yummy but I think I will use less brown sugar next time. They were too sweet to really "go" with the soup. Oh well, guess I'll just have to eat the biscuits with butter instead of with soup :)

Sarah Mae said...

I will add you to the 5:16 am club list! I'm so happy you're giving in! haha! :)

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