Wednesday, October 8, 2008


While he may not have left his heart in San Francisco, he sure left his smile in Philadelphia. Fortunately this time he pulled this one out himself. I didn't mind pulling the other ones out but he freaks out so much it's less traumatic for him to take charge. 
So late last night when I tiptoed into the boys' room to get something both boys popped up expecting to see Zak cash in his tooth. It was quiet funny! 
Actually, this time Phillip was the fairy and because he is such a good daddy he decided to write a sweet little note to each of the kids to put under their pillow (only Zak's had $ in it). I think this is the beginning of a wonderful tradition especially since I found a love note that he had snuck under my pillow as well!  

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Sarah Mae said...

What a cute picture!

As for the abortion post you commented on, I agree. I'm not thrilled with McCain, but the abortion trumps pretty much everything else for me.

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