Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things that make me smile

The name of Philadelphia's Mayor - M.A. Nutter
- B.N.L's "Snacktime" album
- "Glory revealed"
- Regina Spektor's "Music box"

Eliot's lego "mochalotives"
the boys playing babies with Eliannah
Eliannah's lego "motel" (for said babies)
Zak going around saying, "How you doing" just like a native
Trader Joes gummy vitamins
John McCain's VP pick
looking forward to 10 year from now when we can do this
"Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's farm" on CD from the library
Adventures in Odyssey free episodes on podcast
going to the soap box durby on Sat.
doing "science experiences" for home school
and tomorrow, with any luck we will be making butter and going to Elfrath's alley.
(Who says home school has to take place at home?)

What make you smile?


Joanie said...

how you doing?!? I'm still cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can just hear it. Your kids are so cute.

Anonymous said...

LOVED Palin's speech last night. She's got spunk. And what's with that cool treehouse?? Why wait 10 years? Your kids would love that! If they don't fall out of it, that is... maybe that's why you said 10 years...

Jacquelyn said...

Penny, there is an age restriction which makes sense but I really think younger kids would appreciate spending the night in a treehouse more than teenagers. Oh well ...

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