Saturday, September 6, 2008

and speaking of smiles ...

I have to admit, I laughed at Phillip when he came home from Korea last year with a serious Kimchi habit.  I guess over there you eat it at every meal (breakfast included- even on pancakes).  I thought it was nasty- fermented vegetables? Please.  If you leave the lid on the container it can burst unless is it immediately refrigerated.  Well, I guess I'm going to have to eat my words ... after trying it at a Korean restaurant about a month ago I've been craving it ever since.  So when my husband came home with a white bag in his hands I was really hoping it was Kimchi - not donuts.  What is wrong with me?

Oh, and some useless facts about Kimchi, they had to develop a "space Kimchi" to send with Korean astronauts headed to the Russian Space station.  Also, since Kimchi is so popular Koreans will smile and say "Kimchi" when getting their picture taken.  It is also made it into the world's top 5 healthiest foods.  Hooray for rotten veggies!

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