Saturday, August 9, 2008


AHHHHHHH I love the Olympics! Last night we had some people over to watch the opening ceremonies which were awesome. Zak was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any swimming at the ceremony so we are watching the prelims today and will hopefully watch Micahel Phelps take a gold tonight in the IM. (I miss being on swim team!) Eliannah was very excited to watch swimming with me today until she found out that the 100m "beyifly" race didn't involve any butterflies. I may be "off the grid" for the next 17 or so days ...


Ms. Julie's Place said...

Taylor really focused in on Micheal Phelps at the 2004 Olympics too.

Jeannette said...

Can I come over?? It's only every other year for about 2 weeks that I really regret not having a tv...when the olympics are on. And I love the swimming best too!

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