Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Community Service

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I grabbed some grocery bags and went up and down the street collecting trash. The kids just loved it so we did it again today.
You would have thought they were going trick or treating! Eliannah was upset that she didn't have as much trash in her bag and would come up to me when I picked something up with her bag open and look offended if I didn't fill her bag. 

Lately I've been feeling like we need to do things for our neighbors. My first attempt was to make cookies but, as it turns out, the neighbors don't like peanut butter cookies.

My second attmept was to make refridgerator cookies. Everyone loves chocolate right? One important thing I will remember before making 3 dozen cookies is to wash my hands after peeling and chopping the garlic for dinner! Oh well. You can't mess up picking up trash right?


stephanie said...

Did you know that you can wash your hands with baking soda to remove orders?

joy said...

who doesn't like pb cookies? seriously. what a great idea to pick up trash. i can see how kids would totally dig that.

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