Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Red, White and Blue... and Yellow ... and Green..

So in honor of the Olympics (did anyone see the women's gymnastics final?) I have been teaching the kids good sportsmanship. We just finished "snakes and ladders" and the loser had to shake hands with the winner and say "Good game". Later today we will use a stopwatch in the following competition

1.) Washing the dishes (Zak's new job)
2.) Putting away toys (all kids)
3.) Putting away laundry (Z and Eliot)
4.) Making our beds. (all of us)

It is amazing how little time those chores take when you just get down to doing it. I'll have to post times later ...

*** Beginning of rant: And if anyone saw China beat team USA, who really thinks those girls are 16? And if they are 16 why does one of them have a missing tooth which is more typical of prepubescence? Why can all of them practically walk straight under the balance beam without ducking? Is it fair to put children into a competition of such national importance? Is it right to rip them away from their parents at age 3 to go off to a training camp far away? As you can see I wanted team USA to win for ideological reasons more than patriotic ones. ... *** End of rant.


joy said...

yes, we were wondering the same thing. they definitely don't look 16. hmmm.....

Katie Lady said...

and if they aren't 16, should they get to keep the gold medals??

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