Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Origami happy face folded in a grin
turn two edges, mountain fold
a frown sits on my chin
Smooth that paper
leave it loose
this is how my face folds,
when it's not in use.

Phillip says I have a mean and angry face when I'm not deliberately smiling. I've seen myself in a few too many surreptitiously taken photos to disagree. I'm not a jerk! My heart is still smiling, I just have a lot on my mind usually and whatever I do has my full attention ... really ....

(I was trying to capture my relaxed face when, sensing that a photo was about to be taken, Zak snuck up behind me and popped his head into the picture! That Ham ... I can't imagine where he gets it.)


Jeannett Gibson said...

Don't husbands have a way of being so kind and flattering??? Ha!

joy said...

that's why i like to know when pictures are being taken. who wants an album full of photos of such a serious face. since i haven't seen you in awhile, it's nice to see your smiling face!

Sarah Mae said...

I'm the same way, but I can look downright mean! I believe you though, your heart is smiling! :)

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