Monday, June 23, 2008

Pulpit, pews and reasons not to hit the snooze

Hooray for Sunday! Since we went to New York last Sunday, today was our first attempt at finding a church for the summer. We are praying that the hunt will be short so we can develop some relationships and get involved quickly. Here is what our morning looked like.

Wake up around 8:15, get online to check the bus schedule, realize we were going to miss the early bus into the city, have a relaxing morning getting ready for chuch, get online again to check and see if it was going to rain walk down to the bus stop and catch the bus going into downtown.

As you can see, our church routine will look a bit different this summer! Once we arrived downtown and started walking towards the church (a 1/2 mile walk) I quickly realized that my lovely new high healed white sandals were going to spend the summer on haitus if we are going to walk that far on Sunday mornings.

The church we checked out was established in 1829 and I just can't tell you how lovely the sanctuary was with beautiful marble pillars, hand carved walnut pews, a massively decorative pulpit, and a little stamp on a table in the foyer to validate your parking! Validated parking was more expensive than the roundtrip bus trip - I just can't get used to that!

At the begining of the service we heard a wonderful saxaphone and orgen duet that was really beautiful. After sitting through a nice service and collecting our children we started walking to our bus stop. Originally we had thought we would eat lunch in the city but since we managed to depart from church without a single hello from any of the members (we tried to talk to people, we really did!) we decided to just try to get home, unfortunatley the buses don't run as often on Sundays and we waited about 30 with tired kids before catching the bus and getting home way later than we had planned.

I think with a bit more planning (checking bus schedules to and from church) and maybe looking into a church a little closer to our neighborhood things will go better next week.


Kate said...

Don't take it too personal if you don't get many hellos. From our experience and with affirmation from many who live or have lived on the East Coast, basically a standoffish personality seems to be the way of life. I don't quite get it, but I think that its part of the culture there to keep a little more to yourself. You'll find some friends though, I'm sure of it. Especially with those cute little cutes hanging around you!

Jacquelyn said...

So funny you would say that. I thought that would be the way too but I already know the names of most of the people on my block and on the street facing us. We live in an incredibly social neighborhood. I'm praying for evangelistic opportunities!!

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