Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yup! That's right! We went to Lancaster County home of the Pennsylvania Dutch and spent four hours in the little city of Intercourse. The kids played at a neat little park and petting zoo, we had lunch, went on an hour long buggy ride and came home with some strange questions.

1.) What is so evil about zippers and buttons?
2.) Can you be in the world and not of it?
3.) Why are all their curtains green?

It was difficult to explain to the kids that they were Christians that held to a stricter interpretation of scripture but worship the same God and read the same bible. They sure do look different but they smile the same, laugh the same and love the same. I saw a sign that said F.A.M.I.L.I.E.S. = fathers and mothers illustrating love in everyday situations. What a motto! Their mission statement is great too but what the kids enjoyed most was playing on the wooden train and swing set. (Oh, and the ice cream made from local happy Amish cows milk)


Kristen Borland said...

i loved visiting lancaster county. it's beautiful and unique and so interesting. glad you got visit!

Katie Lady said...

Praise the Lord you found a home! And you are getting out and about to see the sights while you are there, atta girl! I spoke with a friend who lived in Philly & he recommended the Calvary Chapel there in NE Philadelphia. We are praying for your adjustment...let us know if we can "find" more info for you.

joy said...

how cool! and eliana's hair looks really cute.

Joanie said...

Delightful. Great explanantion, too.

Kate said...

I visited intercourse with my family ages ago and my goofy dad made us all stand next to the city sign while he took a picture. good memories. glad your having fun. i hope to give you a call as soon as things slow down here.
miss you tons!

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