Wednesday, May 7, 2008

time to cut the cord

In the year that we have lived at our apartment complex I have never
1.) discovered a body in the pool
2.) dodged bullets by hiding behind a parked car
3.) escaped a bloodthirsty serial killer by jumping into a dumpster
4.) had to apply pressure to the gunshot wound of police officer harmed in the line of duty
5.) provided an accurate description of a suspect to a police sketch artists and had the mob come after me in revenge.

I think it is time to stop watching so much crime drama but when we called cable to disconnect the offered to give us a rate of $4.99 for an entire year and a $25 discount (which is equivalent to the next 5 months free). Since the Olympics are coming we decided to try and cut back on our own and leave the cable connected.

When Phillip first injured his leg, and later after he was recovering from surgery, the only thing he could do was watch TV. We are well beyond that stage and are rediscovering our love of books. I'm reading a historical biography of Rachael Jackson (President Andrew Jackson's wife) by Irving Stone. (If you have never read Irving Stone he is an excellent writer and his book about Michelangelo "The Agony and the Ecstasy" change Phillip and my life.)

I love books! Who knew they could be so mentally stimulating! Even though "The President's Lady" isn't a religious book by a religious author and the Jacksons weren't religious people I have been very challenged by the way Rachael and Andrew Jackson lived their lives and faced incredible challenges. It's funny, I don't think I've learned anything that directly applies to my life from watching "The deadliest Catch" (Phillip's favorite show) or "Man vs. Wild" (my favorite show).

We'll see how self-disciplined we can be ... we might have to pull the plug after all.

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Joy said...

we became cable junkies, too after cade's acl injury. no judgments for people who like cable, but i am so glad we got rid of cable! it works for us.

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