Thursday, May 1, 2008

First born

Trail blazer star gazer
first act, stage fright
curtain raiser.

whistling wonder
happy hummer
you transform the grumpiest grumbler

always smiling, heart beguiling
reaching, stretching, upward climbing

tender hearted, your life's uncharted
keep that soul of yours ramparted

Live for God and you'll live with joy
you'll always be his child
and my little boy.

And for those of you out there that hate poetry I'll say it like it is: I love my son!!


Phillip Moses said...

I love our little boy, too! He is such a tenderhearted, caring, eager-to-please little man. He is such a blessing and a gift.

Joy said...

what a very sweet poem. i'm sure he'll enjoy reading it when he's older. and thanks for the non-poetic version ;)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Very cute...and thanks for the "translation" ;)

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