Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good news / bad news

Good news:
-Phillip is a sinner saved by grace
- He still has two legs
- He is optimistic
- his injury is repairable
- we are eligible for Bush's tax stimulus refund

Bad news:
- he ripped everything he possibly could without damaging the major artery that runs through his leg (which is why he gets to keep the leg)
- some of the tendons were so damaged there is no trace of them left
- he will need extensive surgery
- we live in a two story apartment and all the bedrooms are upstairs
- we can't afford to move
- we switched to a HSA (aka high deductible health savings account) for our health insurance

I'm bummed beyond belief, Phillip is as cheerful as can be. I've watched him wince his way up and down the stairs for the past week and cannot imagine another year of the same. If you want all the gory details ... stay tuned.


lindsey cheney said...

i hope your couch is comfy ;)

Phillip Moses said...


I guess a patient's right to privacy is revoked if his wife has a blog...

Anyways, I keep getting asked for details, so I'll type something up and hopefully Jacquelyn can have it up on the blog in the next few days.

Seth said...

Phil, ... ouch.
Guess I'll be fighting crime by myself for awhile. I'll definitely be praying for you, my friend. And for your wife.
Just be thankful you're not a "confirmed old bachelor and likely to remain so." I don't think Pickering would nurse you back to health as well as Jacquie will.

Jacquelyn said...

that's right Seth, let a woman in your life ... and she actually ends up being useful! :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Stinks! As to the HSA...actually, it's painful to come up with that high deductible...BUT...after that, it's covered 100% (or close to it, right?). We originally thought that being on a high deductible HSA with our (unplanned) hospital birth stunk...until we realized that our deductible was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the 40% of the hospital bill we would have otherwise been stuck with under the $500 deductible plan. So, good news/bad news is right!

Get better soon! Hang in there!

Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Wow....we are praying for you guys! Not a fun situation no matter how you look at it. We'll stay posted to see how things are going.

Kristen Borland said...

what happened??!!

Phillip Moses said...

Ok, sort-of related, but totally unrelated...

Coolest medical news story of the day (if not decade):


Erica said...

So Sorry Phil! How in the world did you do that? I'm praying for your recovery! :-)

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