Monday, March 17, 2008


"... and there's a guy at work with the coolest walker. It's way easier to use than crutches and it has a cool seat built in it so you can sit and rest when you need to. When you're at the store, can you see if they have any like that?"

The above is a conversation I never thought I'd be a part of until Phillip grew older, but the truth is, he is very breakable. Yesterday Phillip, Zak and a friend went out to Pismo to go kite surfing. Phillilp, being a quick learner, was able to catch a lot of speed and do a really cool jump before he landed on a pile of driftwood. When he called me on the way to the E.R. I had no idea how bad it was. The conversation when like this.

Phillip: "Hey sweetie, how are you"
Me: "Oh, I'm a little tired"
Phillip: "How are the kids"
Me: "They just woke up and I'm fixing them a snack, How are you?"
Phillip: "I'm on my way to the E.R."

I'll let you fill in the rest. As it turns out Phillip + kitesurfing = torn ACL and intense pain. The poor guy can't even get out of bed. Last night when he tried to get up to go brush his teeth he was trembling with pain by the time I managed to get him back in bed. I'm not letting him go to work for a few days. So if you think about it, pray for us, and if you have a pair of crutches I could borrow, give me a call!


Carrie Haughey said...

oh, bummer!! Hope he is feeling better soon! Hope you are doing okay being a mommy to 4 now for a bit.

Kate said...

oh, no! Gosh, Philip. I'm so sorry. Will you need surgery? Maybe you could have your friend pay for it since he was the one who got you in this mess! J/K I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your time off. And Jacquelyn, here is something that you can rejoice in since we need to rejoice in all things, that even though your husband is hurt and we're sorry for that, now he'll be home for a couple nights well before 4 am! :) Yea!
Get better soom, PMo.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Oh my goodness! That is terrible but funny phone conversation all at the same time! A co-worker of mine had a very similar conversation with his teenage son.."hey dad, whatcha doing? Nothing, Oh okay, well, mom and I just got into a car accident on the 101..."

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