Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not so different

Jack and Coke
Eliannah and bud

Mom ... ?
was i such fun as a two year old?
was i such fun at three?
did i walk around in a dress
with my hair in a mess
did i try to stand up to pee?

did i screech like that
did i hit and bite
did i win each and every fight
(by the strength of my teeth, not due to my height)

did i love my dolls?
did i wrap them up tight?
did I ask for one thousand kisses goodnight?

did i hug you?
did i bug you?
did i ever flat out slug you?

was i like you, were you like me?
is my baby like your baby -
or in the case of us three
did the apples fall a mile from the tree.

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