Wednesday, February 27, 2008

worth it?

Shopping on the internet for shoes tonight ('cause ... I'm a nerd) I came to the startling conclusion that the most expensive shoes out there are not necessarily the prettiest shoes out there. Take for instance the following

which do you think was the most expensive? Which was the least? Guess how much and I'll tell you where you can buy them.
I know, I know ... I'm wasting time right now but my little infidels are in bed for the night and I'm enjoying the quiet.


Jenny Fugler said...

I would say the first and third one are the ugliest... but the first one also looks really cheap. The second one could be cute, with the right outfit - and I always like boots. :-)

Jacquelyn said...

The boots are the most expensive $1,349.99, the pointy orange ones are the second most expensive $539. Do a search on Amazon for women's shoes and sort the list from high price to low price. It is quiet interesting what shoes look like at "the top".

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