Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tuesday: a perfect day

Tuesday was such a great day for me at least, Phillip woke up with some tummy trouble (could have something to do with all the cheese we ate at the buffet) so he had a miserable time of it and had to be at the conference all day while I had loads of reading to catch up on.

Now it's been a few years since I was in college and could spend a whole day sitting still and reading so I spent the day in the Gaslight district reading for awhile and then walking around until I found a new place to sit and read some more.

The best place I found was in a little pocket park that had a cobblestone courtyard, huge Ficus trees and a little old man playing sax. I looked everywhere for a little hat to throw some change in but it looked as if that was were he went to practice for the fun of it.
Later, after roaming around again I passed the only begging homeless person I had seen (even though there were tons of homeless, no one else asked me for anything.) I walked on past and pretended not to hear him but when I couldn't finish my lunch and later past him again I handed him my leftovers. I felt kind of guilty for not buying him his own meal and was ashamed of myself for hurrying away when he asked me so he could get a place to stay.

Around 7 I met Phillip and we went for Indian food before we saw the Bourne Supremacy (my favorite one by far)
and went back to the hotel to enjoy some coffee on the little balcony.

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Lisa Leonard said...

He asked for a place to stay?! I've had homeless people ask for money or work, but never a place to stay!!

So glad you havd a good getaway!!

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