Friday, July 27, 2007

Wisdom teeth aren't so smart after all...

This is Phillip here, chiming in on Jacquelyns blog to give the wisdom teeth update.

She had all four removed and is doing fine. She's hungry and sleepy, which means she probably won't run out on me this weekend.

Meanwhile, here is the child report:

Youngest: Seems to be made out of half crustacean (crab) and half honey. I'd leave her out for the wolves to raise, but I don't think they'd take her right now. Besides, two hours of fussing and screaming get erased with one smile from that sweet girl.

Middlest: Has had a cough for a month and a half. Steroids and Albuterol turn even the sweetest puppy into a tasmanian devil. Please pray that we can get his lungs cleared up and his coughing to go away.

Oldest: Threw up last night (3:00am and the last of the three to do this in the last two weeks). He just finished having diarrhea (TMI?) and is on the couch holding a puke-bowl. One or both of the following will happen soon: vomit or sleep. I am just curious which will happen first.

It is days like this - when one spouse is completely down for the count - that I wonder how single parents do it.

All day I have been having to seek wisdom and strength from the Lord to just keep my cool and keep my smile on. I'm so glad the gospel covers me when "my cool" is nowhere to be found.

I am so thankful that we have a God whose Strength is made perfect in our weakness.

We appreciate your prayers, and I'm excited about tomorrow. I might get my wife back from la-la land.

Stay tuned... I might take a picture of Jacquelyn and our hamster. Both of their cheeks are stuffed to the gills (one with gauze, the other with food). The resemblance is hilarious.



Jeannett Gibson said...

Very funny Philip, now get back to waiting on your wife hand and foot! :)

Kiert said...

Seth hates it when, after similar observations, I say "welcome to my life." (Not to minimize your frustrations, I totally empathize!)

Brianna Heldt said...

oh man...

hang in there, maybe console yourself with the thought that it can't get much worse!

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