Wednesday, February 13, 2013

15 day challenge

I'm going to draw a name from the hat tonight to see who won the give away (if you live out of town I'll probably leave the restaurant choice up to you.)  Here's the list I came up with on my bathroom mirror.  See if you can guess which one Phillip added and which ones Eliot added

I love you because:

1-  you are kind
2-  you are cheerful
3-  you are my best friend
4-  you make me laugh
5-  you know what I'm going to say before I say it
6-  Daddy I love you because you work so late and hard *
7-  you are such a great father
8-  you have such a loving heart
9-  you help me *
10- your a great lyter (I think he meant leader)*
11- you help me understand my world and teach me to think critically about it
12- you encourage me to love sacrificially
13- you rescue me from disaster when I'm at my wit's end with the kids
14- you help me understand other people's perspective

If you did the challenge at home and didn't comment on the blog you still have a chance to participate by adding your comment and letting me know that you played along with me. Even if you didn't do it all 15 days I bet you could still surprise your husband with 15 things you are grateful for about him.  I would love to know what you wrote on your mirrors if it's not too personal!

* written by Eliot

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