Thursday, October 11, 2012

In case you wonder if I'm lucky

Phillip and I are rapidly approaching our 13th year of marriage and boy do I feel lucky.  I got very nostalgic about it a couple of nights ago when I remembered how my dad cried when I went from his arms into Phillip's.  I suppose I'm only a few years away from having to release my own children to their spouses.  Every time Eliannah dresses up in her bridal costume my heart skips a beat.

I watched a man die a bit today
  when I reached out
  but not for you
I barely saw the hand that you withdrew
  but I knew.

Caught up in my dreams
  and love
I sent out my twice sent dove
and it took to it's branch and nest
  and found a home
  and found it's rest

My heart, not driven from my home
  but given
Found a heartbreak all it's own -
  The joy of love like breaking dawn
  that rises hopefully and moves on
  and drops to rest
  and set
  and pray
to gloriously rise again each day.

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Candice said...

You really are a poet. This is amazing.

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