Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Notebook

Remember not too long ago
when I named your notebooks, lunchbox, coat?

when the sharpie wrote unbleeding
on everything from floor to ceiling?

when I brushed that hair and made that bed
and carefully chose the books we read?

This notebook pushed aside un-needed
in a bookshelf left un-weeded
is a picture of how tall you've grown
how strong you are, your mind's your own.

Childhood sheds it's coat of laughter
it's labeled toys, it's happily-ever-after

But one thing I ask - this is a must!
don't let your God grow grey with dust.
Your boyhood Savior and childhood friend
knows your begining and has no end

He named all the stars and after that, it's true,
He took out his sharpie and labeled you.

So grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord 
your childhood treasure, your manhood reward.

I found a notebook of Zak's from last year and read through some of his journal entries.  I had to stop when I got to the page that said  "Quick write: What is the meaning of Life".  This was his response:

"I think the meaning of life is a really hard question but it says it right in the Bible (I forgot where) but it says that we Christians are to make disciples of other people and to obey God."


jenny said...

This is beautiful. I love it.

emily said...

Jacquelyn- Can you tell me more about this journal idea? I like it. And I think I'd like to print this poem out & put it in my school book- is that okay?

Jacquelyn moses said...

Emily, I'm totally flattered. Print out anything you like. The kids do a history notebook at school (which is where he wrote this entry) and Zak does a Bible journal on our home days where he reads a passage and writes out his favorite verse. Nothing fancy.

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