Sunday, August 7, 2011

Consumable vs. all Consuming

Sometimes I think I approach God as a consumer. 

I'm hungry - I eat.
I'm thirsty - I drink.
I need something magical - I pray.

But God isn't a consumable item.  Hebrew 12:29 tells us that He is a consuming fire. And if I am to live the way He wants me to, my petty, worldly, silly wishes will be replaced by a longing for His kingdom and glory.

What were you expecting of me?
     A cripple? A devil?
A fat man in a red hat?
    Don't talk to me like that.

And just what did you want to hear?
And what did you want to see
  because whatever you wanted, -
   it obviously wasn't me.

If you had asked for me
I would have given myself
but you asked for a god-shaped box
   to put on your Sunday shelf.

You asked for a good luck charm.
You asked for a santa clause
You asked expecting easy
   from a God without any claws.

You wanted love but no justice.
You wanted gifts and grace only.
"Come Lord Jesus" you whispered in bed
    but only because you were lonely.

You completely forgot about glory
You completely forgot about sin
your god - an impotent puppet
  why don't you go call upon him.



Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Hi Jacquelyn, That's a great little poem. Do you mind if I share it with some of my students?

Jacquelyn said...

Sure! Thanks for the compliment :)

Joanie said...


Janice Phillips said...

Yea and amen!!

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