Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer passport

Tomorrow is the last day of school. We already have a posterboard full of fun ideas for entertainment, education and project completion.

Normally summers go by too fast and I regret the time I spent on silly things so this summer I'm scheduling and being purposeful with my time. Here are a few ideas I've had

1. Reserve good, educational books for Zak and Eliot without their knowledge so that each time we go to the library they will have a surprise waiting for them.

2. Finish another 10 hikes from our 101 hikes of San Luis Obispo County book. It may take a few years but I am determined to get through it. We've had a great time discovering little pockets of our county we otherwise would have never come across.

3. I'm going to get some guide books from the library and find something I've never heard of or go some place I've never been. We've lived here 10 years and I'm always suprised by how little we know of all the great things this county offers. It's time to become a tourist!

4. I need to get to know the parents of all my kids' school friends better so we are planning a few "Family Playdates".

5. Go on a few weekend trips to places I've been meaning to take the kids for awhile like Monteray Bay Aquarium, The Getty Museum, The Huntington Library , and others.

I'd love a few more suggestions or ideas of great things to do this summer to add to our list.  Have a good recommendation?  Please share!!!!


Christal said...

come see me if you go to monterey!!

Jacquelyn said...

Christal, I just found out that there are some free days for homeschoolers at the MOntery Bay Aquarium so we will totally have to meet up with you when we go!

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