Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hymn and Her

Well.  I've simply dropped the ball.  In the last month for our family devotions we've reinstated singing time and I'm just amazed by what my children don't know and/or can't remember.  Phillip and I can sing the first line to just about anything and then one of us will start singing the second half of verse 2 while still on verse 1 or some other amalgam of verses, sometimes including words from other hymns in a strange medley that in no way resemble the original beauty intended by the hymn writer.  It's time to change that.  This week I'm putting together a family hymnal and I think 2 weeks per hymn would be sufficient.  Now I just have to decide what ones make the top 10.  Any suggestions?

Another thing we're doing is filling our house with music (via the ipod dock) to let the kids listen to hymns and worship recordings.  Some favorites are Baby Loves Hymns, Seeds family worship and anything put out by Cedarmont kids.  I'm downloading "Songs Jesus Said" right now and if you want to order it too you can use the coupon code Moses47253 for the next two weeks for 10% off!!  This coupon can be used multiple times by multiple peoples.  What do your kids listen to?


joy said...

we are learning "how great thou art" right now. love the idea of a family hymnal! lindsey's bro-in-law made a cd to for water in africa last year sometime and his cd is awesome! familiar hymns, sung simply--that's how my boys know some hymns. his name is david toney.

Kate said...

our newest hymn we've been learning as a fam is "look ye saints the sight is glorious". the melody is suprisingly beautiful and the words are obviously wonderful. i think you'll love it, if you don't already know it.

Mama Mote said...

Getting one of those books of hymns that give the history of how/why the hymns were written is a fun thing to have. It has the hymn and then has a story on how the song came about. Like the story of It Is Well. I got one from Lisa Lewis, which I actually just saw in the Christian bookstore I went to the other day - "Then Sings My Soul (pt. 2)". I have it in my devotional basket to sing a hymn or two when I have the urge. There are others out there I know.

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