Friday, March 13, 2009

a coupla old friends ...

Even though I started it early Pilgrim's Progress is my book of the month for March. I must have read this book 5 or 6 times growing up and it never fails to challenge, convict and motivate me. Granted, there are a few tiny theological disagreements I have with Mr. Bunyan but I love to interact with a book that I don't totally agree with. It keeps me from being a bobble head.

Another book that I am just starting is "The Fisherman's Lady" by George_Macdonald. In case you don't know, G.M. was a huge literary figure about the same time as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis but I guess because he didn't write fantasy his works have sunken into oblivion. I read a lot of his novels in high school and even though I'm not fond of the Gothic novel as a genre I think that all of his stories are fantastic pictures of everyday relationships. I always learn so much about simple faith, simple love and the beauty of a simple story.

If you can get your hands on an ancient copy before Michael Pella edited them all for today's reader you will be in for a treat. G.M. wrote the dialogue with all the beauty of Robert Burns in "light Scottish" and it adds so much to the story.

Over the summer I read "The Princess and the Goblin" to the kids (way over Eliot and Eliannah's head) and we listened to "The light princess" (which has got to be the most ironically beautiful kid's book ever written) on CD on our way to Washington D.C. I also recently read them "The Lost princess" which is a book every little girl needs to have read to her (the one I borrowed from my mother-in-law was illustrated beautifully and more age appropriate to the little ones).

Have you read any George MacDonald books? If so, which was your favorite and why?


Ms. Julie's Place said...

I really like
"At the Back of the North Wind"

I have only read the adapted version though.

Radio Theater by Focus on the Family also did an audio drama based on it.

joy said...

I have to confess, I have not heard of him. But, thanks for the recommendation.

cindyred60 said...

Sir Gibbie! I love everything from George MacDonald, he shapes and explains who I am but there's just something about this mute boy who writes songs and sings....

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