Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bus

We are working on patience this summer by using the public transit wherever we go. It is very easy and you can get to anywhere you wish (or at least within a block or so). The downside is unless you can keep a bus timetable in your head you usually have to wait 5-15 min for a bus. This has been a great exercise for us and we have collected a long list of "waiting games". Light saber fights, guessing games and on Saturday Zak pretended to cut off his head and Eliot and Eliannah were chasing him around to put it back on. Don't ask me where they come up with this stuff.


Kiert said...


I love reading about your summer adventures. They are just so very you. Thanks for sharing :)

(And by the way, your kids are so grown up and adorable. Wow!)

joy said...

from over here in cali, it sounds like you're having so much fun. and i love the new games. we'll have to try the head-chopped-off one.

Katie Lady said...

Benjamin BEGS me to take the bus downtown to the library or to Farmer's Mkt. If we had to take it everywhere, he'd be thrilled! Hope you guys are making wonderful memories.

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