Friday, June 27, 2008

take a hike

I was told to walk a mile in different shoes
but I didn't like the color
I was told to walk a mile in different shoes
but they were old
I was told to walk a mile to understand my brother
I didn't ever do what I was told.
- j.m.

On Tuesday as a part of our continuing desire to start a routine here I decided to join a gym and since the nearest YMCA was only a mile away we put on our walking shoes. What I didn't' know is that two streets north of us is the dividing line between the white neighborhoods and the black community. I have never seen such a monumental (albeit invisible) divide!!

I have always wondered what the big deal was when it comes to race. I try to treat people fairly, I've never noticed outright racism but I guess you can't understand how different you feel when you are the only black person in a room full of white people until you walk for a mile on a crowded street and not see anyone who is white.

The lady next door to me was pretty horrified to hear I had taken a walk on Girard st (Poplar st is the divide) but when I visited the gym and saw my kids playing happily with a large group of children with darker skin I was pleased to see them enjoying themselves without all the social baggage that gets picked up along the road of life.


joy said...

that's so great that kids can play without the junk has invaded the adult world. good for them.

Sarah Mae said...

The whole race thing is so interesting. to me it just proves how far from God we are, and why we desperately need Him.

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