Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can I get you anything?

Two years ago when my dad had his heart attack, I packed up the kids and went down to Santa Clarita to help out. There was not a question in my mind that that was what needed to be done. My mom didn't tell me that she could manage on her own, I didn't wonder if it was necessary. It's my family, we take care of each other.

On Monday as I looked at my messy house and the 4 semi-helpless people (sorry Phillip, I mean no disrespect) that live in it, I knew that I needed help. Phillip called the church office for me and Viola! a week of meals and offers to help with the kids and/or help around the house.

It is humbling to accept help from others, but when we accept help from the church, aren't we in a tiny way recognizing our need for Christ. Yes, in some circumstances we can try to manage on our own and continue on in our own strength but why? Christ promised us a Helper and we only grow stronger when we rely on His strength.

Sometimes I feel bad that we don't go to church in the community that we live in. It seems as if we have few opportunities to reach out to people that are in need and quite often our offers of help are refused. I just don't get it. As the body of Christ we are told that we have to work together and that we need one another. Maybe you don't need me to watch your kids but maybe I need to be needed and by accepting my help you are actually helping and blessing me. It is better to give than to receive and it draws the whole church closer when people minister to others. I was reading in "Psychology Today" (last year, during one stolen hour to myself in the public library) that the people you love the most are the people that you do things for, not because you love them the most in the first place, but because you were able to show love to them first. Now if that doesn't have any parallels in the Gospel I don't know what does!

So to summarize:
1) we have a great church that has been of great help to us, both in the past and right now,
2) in order to function as a body, we need to need each other!
3) We need to recognize our need for a Savior, we are more helpless than we are willing to admit and the Good News doesn't end with salvation, that is simply where it starts.

Oh, and sorry for the sermon, my horse has grown quite high lately if you know what I mean ...

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Jeannett Gibson said...

So was it his ACL or LCL after all?

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