Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't look kids!

So if you checked the blog today you may have noticed that my blog is rated PG. While I think that is hilarious I didn't like how the green goes with the red blogskin so I removed the HTML. You can check what your blog is rated if you care.

In other new ... Linsey and I must be on the same wavelength. I noticed she made some cute little memory board kind of thing for her kitchen the same day I decided to, except I didn't go to Costco ... I went out to the dumpster, ripped the backing off of a piece of discarded furniture, (it wasn't in the dumpster, just sitting next to it) lugged it back to the house, rooted through my fabric scraps, brushed the dirt off and got creative. I love how it turned out!! I'm so classy sometimes!!!

Also, today when I took out the trash I noticed a very nice bookshelf and since I had been looking for one for the past few weeks on CL I dragged that one back to our appartment, pealed off the stickers, scraped off the gum, gave it a good sanding, stained it and once it dries I'll have a $75 dollar book shelf! Don't laugh. I've gotten a desk (recently sold it for $50) and a very nice rocking chair that had nothing wrong with it - all curtesy of the local dumpster in the various appartments we've lived in. I was trailer trash long before I lived in a trailer!!


Kristen Borland said...

mike's grandpa is famous for dumpster diving, and you'd be shocked at the great things he finds (especially since he lives on balboa island--newport beach area). i think that's awesome!

i found out the rating of my blog, and by the way the tag turned up grey instead of green. the only place it fits on my blog without getting cut off (because it's so wide) is the very bottom of the page. so check it out some time. i'll leave it up for a little while because it, too, find it amusing.

Joy said...

your board looks so great. and i love that you are so resourceful. i think that is very proverbs 31 if you ask me.

Joy said...

okay, i just got the rating for my blog and it's rated g because of the word pain. i guess it didn't pick up on the infamous spider video, did it? :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

my blog is rated PG...because it says poop twice! I am so pleased...

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