Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh crumb...

Last night Phillip was out of town and at 3 in the morning my car was broken into. All they took was my purse (with debit cards, credit cards, gift cards etc.) and I don't know how they got in since it was locked. I was alerted to their presence by my car alarm going off but had the presence of mind to not walk out to the apartment parking lot and check on things until the police got there. I'm no hero.

The reason I am sharing my sad story is to pass along a tip. Ladies, don't leave your purses in your car! There were much nicer cars than mine to rip off but the thieves were going for whatever was in plain sight and easy to access. Happily no glass was broken and besides a little bit of mess to clean up (they dumped out my glove compartment) I was glad that I had recently removed my social security cards, checkbook and ipod from my purse and glove compartment and also glad that they got no more than $.72 in change.

The biggest reason I'm so bummed is I really liked that purse, it's a pain to replace all my cards, I lost about $50 in gift cards and I can't remember the brand name of my favorite lipstick!

I was struck today by how lucky I am to be complaining about something so small. I can imagine that people in the Middle East have much more to fear on a daily basis and lose life and limb while going about their business. I was also reminded of an article I read recently about how corrupt the police force is in Mexico and how different it is here. I am thankful for the two trustworthy police officers that showed up, and I have full confidence that they will both protect and serve the public interest as they go about their job. What a great country we live in!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Ok, so the question has to be asked: why on earth was your purse still in your car? Do you typically leave it in there or was this a brain disconnect moment? I leave my purse in my car...but my car is parked in the garage!

Sorry to hear about the absolute hassle of having to cancel and replace all your cards! That is SUCH a bummer! Good luck!

Kristen Borland said...

hey what were the first names of the police officers? i know one that was working last night.

anyway, such a bummer! i'm so sorry! mike always gives me a hard time for not wanting to leave my purse in the car (like if we are out somewhere) and always wanting to put in the trunk or cover it up with something so it can't be seen. but now i can tell him your story!

what did your purse look like? i love purses and would hate to lose one of mine too!

Brianna Heldt said...

i left my purse in my car when we lived down in santa barbara and some people busted the window out and stole the purse, my big cd case (w/ about 100 cds in it), and my camera (with a roll of film in it including pics of my friend's baby shower, etc.) boy was i bummed! the car was parked right outside our apartment door.

i love to joke that the one time i had something broken into, was in the highest-class town i've ever lived in. go figure!

sooooooo sorry this happened!!!!

lindsey cheney said...

i can relate, too, unfortunately. i've had my purse stolen twice from my car (no, i didn't learn my lesson the first time), and once from a store (it was sitting on a bench by me while i was trying on shoes). from my car, the second time, i had a soft top convertible that they just sliced open the top and reached in. such a bummer to lose my purse and have to get my car fixed. such a violated feeling, sorry you have to deal with it!

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