Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Positive re-enforcement

So yesterday I texted Phillip and asked him to bring me a donut on the way home from work. What I got instead was
1.) Sushi from my favorite restaurant
2.) A margarita made from the finest ingredients (I helped juice the limes)
3.) A candle lit dinner for two (we ate around10:00)
4.) That donut I had been wanting
5.) Game night with my husband (Boggle)
6.) The satisfaction of knowing that my husband still loves me, enjoys my company and has the ability to surprise me every once in a while.
Thank you sweetie!


Kate said...

I wish I could forward this post to Travis. How Sweet!

lindsey cheney said...

what is your husband smoking, and can i get some for sean?

Becky said...

Go Phillip:-) We all need happy surprises and thoughtfulness! What a great evening!

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