Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Women Discipling Women

O.k. I know I blog too much but this is important. I firmly believe that in a church without a parenting class or newlywed class we need to be committed to discipleship to avoid future problems. I haven't gotten the word out as well as I had hoped to but if you haven't heard from me consider yourself invited to the Women Discipling Women conference at Grace church in Sun Valley (the Men Discipling Men's Conference is the next week and Phillip will be going to that one.) I went last year and was very blessed and motivated to make more of an effort to disciple those around me. There has been talk of carpools and sleeping arraingements so if you need a ride or a place to stay please email me or leave me a comment. Discipling is not an option! We must work together to Glorify our Father and add to the family.


millie2977 said...


I can probably house a couple of people if need be. I will be working at the conference.


Carrie Borsgard said...

I would love to, but it is so soon after the wedding and we will just be finishing moving in to our place...

I do want to talk to you to set up some sort of regular time when we can meet though.

I love that you have such a passion for this!

Kate said...

My mom and I are going, but we are going to stay at my aunts house. She and her friend and my cousin are going also so we'll be with them also. I hope we can find a seat for us to all be together...I think we are going to have a big crowd. Travis is going down with us and is also staying at my aunt's so that Charlotte will be near so I can feed her. Will Philip be going also?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I need some information please. I was in a computer shop last week and I was told about Women discipling Women. She never gave me hre name only a website. I did that and nothing is there so I google the name in and got this. Can you help me to find some one in my area to deal with this for other women I know that can help us.

Thank you

Jacquelyn said...

Anonymous, I don't know where you are located but the conference I was blogging about is the conference held at Grace Church in Sun Valley.

Here's the link to this years conference, good luck


you can email me if you need more info, just click the "email me" link on the left hand side of the blog.

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